Winchester, VA Doggie Day Care

Winchester, VA Doggie Day Care

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Doggie Daycare in Winchester

Structured Day Care for Dogs.

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Our Doggie Day Care is a rare opportunity for lucky dogs to be immersed in an amazing environment from day to day.

Learning never stops and all dogs can benefit from proper social behavior.

Day Care is open for drop off from 0645 – 1800 with a flat rate of $30 a day. Ridgeside K9’s doggie daycare program is open to ALL dogs. We provide a safe and controlled environment for your dog to have a great time while you travel to and from work or other engagements.

We will work with your dog while in daycare by creating structure, pack behavior, and overall boundaries. While the majority of dogs in doggie daycare thrive in a group setting with other dogs, some do not. We can still manage and care for dogs that do not do great in a group setting.

All dogs welcome:

  • Small dogs (private area)
  • Older dogs that just want to sleep the day away (Private area)
  • Dog Aggressive dogs – kept private, still given 5 breaks and free time, but kept separate from other dogs.
  • Neutral and social dogs – VERY large group play area.

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